Comment 11 for bug 167290

Michael Wybrow (mjwybrow) wrote :


Some of these things (such as select-under issues) are
probly due to the following. (posted previous on

The following is true for my Mac, with no xmodmap changes:

Apple keysyms are GDK_Meta_L and GDK_Meta_R
Apple key modifier is GDK_MOD2_MASK

Alt/Option keysym is GDK_Mode_switch
Alt/Option modifier is GDK_MOD1_MASK

I point out the behaviour of Alt since the Alt/Option key on
Macs does not return GDK_Alt_{L,R} as might be expected.
Though it does return the same modifier as on Linux. This
means Alt works in the places in Inkscape that check with
modifiers but not places where the key press itself is checked.