Comment 6 for bug 1660228

Note (for triage): cont.

5) The file 'Stroke thickness bug demo.svg', last edited with Inkscape 0.92.0 r15299, seems to be either based on a custom user template or is also a legacy file which originated from an older version before Inkscape 0.91 (it lacks the viewBox attribute, and defines width="88.153748", height="140.16411" (thus based on 96dpi, since this is Inkscape 0.92)).

Will Pittenger wrote:
> I also noted the stroke thickness reported on the statusbar didn't
> match the thickness in the Fill & Stroke dialog.

Make sure that both use the same units - the one in the status bar has a unit selector in the context menu (it defaults to 'mm', unfortunately, if the file is loaded into an empty document window, whereas your documents use 'px' as display units).