Comment 3 for bug 1652340

Hachmann (marenhachmann) wrote :

So, these are the results so far with my Kielux documents from this year (tested with r15273, and extension version 0030a909):

1. While I this isn't a file that exposes the line-height issue, I got a crash when using the extension (without a reason for doing so) on the attached file (Linuxhotel-Gutschein_2016.svg). One time, it happened when using the extension, after having made a couple of modifications, one time it happened upon undo (with emergency save). The order is: Run extension, edit, undo edit, undo extension, crash.

"** (inkscape:28693): CRITICAL **: void SPObject::requestModified(unsigned int): assertion 'this->document != NULL' failed

In that same file, the extension also inserts a superfluous(?) period above the 'dieses'.

(1a. Btw. is it to be expected that I get an 'update document' in the history, and a changed file indicator asterisk in the window title, without having seen any popup about dpi changes? No changes in the svg tag in the XML editor.)

2. In a file where had manually changed line-height, the extension fixed the too-large line-height. It took quite long (>60 seconds, with remarkable processor load), although the problem only (visibly) occurred in one of the (many) texts. In the other files, it was a lot faster, even if they contained a similar number of texts. But as it's a one-time thing, this isn't really an issue :) Undo takes just as long, so I guess it made a lot of invisible changes. Please let me know if you'd also like to have that file (reminder for myself, in case: Programmflyer_Aushang_2016).

3. In the file 'Programm_Flyer_Entwurf_2016', the extension inserts really many full-stops (at the bottom right, 'Aussteller', but also at 'Öffnungszeiten'), although there aren't any blank lines. Are they all justified?