Comment 3 for bug 1409195

Mc (mc...) wrote :

My quick investigations :
for some reason, when using get_all_items(...), "use" elements are present (with no fill by default, of course) along with a child of their own which is a non-existing element in the tree that seems to represent the element referenced by the clone where the clone is. This pseudo-element has a fill and it is it that is "selected". Since it does not really appear to exist, moving it has no effect.
I tried to put a simple line

             if(!iter->getId())iter=dynamic_cast<SPItem *>(iter->parent);

before the

                matches = g_slist_prepend(matches, iter);

lines, and it does work, but i doubt this is the best way to go (not having an id being an odd way to testing pseudo-elements, there must be a good method to test it)