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Bug Importance Status Patch Age
Bug #1182388: macchanger-gtk misspells "--ending" option by "--endding", changing a MAC address "ending by" option is therefore broken High Confirmed 6 weeks

From: Sebastian Wagner
Link: macchanger-endding.patch


Bug #1248720: Bluetooth ON/OFF button switches OFF automatically Medium Confirmed 8 weeks

From: Yu Ning
Link: block-power-callback-unless-its-triggered-by-user.patch


Bug #1412104: typo in C9: "meet" -> "met" Medium Confirmed 10 weeks

From: themusicgod1
Link: anarchism4.patch


Bug #1409172: Repeat in a sentence Medium Confirmed 11 weeks

From: themusicgod1
Link: anarchism1.patch


Bug #1391673: error creating new machine with "Fedora20+" profile Medium Confirmed 19 weeks

From: Christian Kirbach
Link: virt-manager-urlfetcher.patch


Bug #1297849: Virtual private network connection fails after distribution upgrade due to outdated Network Manager configuration files High Triaged 20 weeks

From: Pavel Boldin
Link: network-manager-applet-1297849.patch


Bug #1363719: efibootmgr may create a duplicated boot entry, "breaking" UEFI boot. Critical Fix Committed 21 weeks

From: Patrik Lundquist
Link: compare.patch

Fixes the sorting bug that overwrites EFI boot variables.

Bug #1246364: update-notifier does not show a tray icon in xubuntu Low Confirmed 27 weeks

From: Forest
Link: restore_tray_icon.patch


Bug #1248174: Update the Ubuntu colour palette to fit the spec Low Triaged 33 weeks

From: jazzynico
Link: UbuntuBranding-screen+tints-v2.gpl


Bug #839378: Regression: apt-listchanges always sends changelogs Medium Confirmed 37 weeks

From: Matthew Haughton
Link: correct-changelogs-fallback-logic.patch


Bug #1170647: After minimizing an external media, clicking on the "Files" icon on the Launcher doesn't restore the minimized window, but opens a new one Medium Triaged 39 weeks

From: Anish Dowlut
Link: diff


Bug #1035701: grilo plugins should be enabled in Totem Low Triaged 46 weeks

From: Tim
Link: totem-grilo.debdiff


Bug #1234458: Indicator stuck on mouse icon, along with "estimating..." Low In Progress 47 weeks

From: Jochen Fahrner
Link: indicator-power.patch

Patch to give laptop battery always highest precedence

Bug #1272870: no context pane plugin for trusty rhythmbox installation High Confirmed 54 weeks

From: fossfreedom

Bug #1207709: Wally doesn't change wallpaper Lubuntu Low New 56 weeks

From: Chapliev Viktor
Link: wally-for-lubuntu.diff

wally detect OpenBox

Bug #1249471: Albatross: super tiny arrows (update manager) Medium In Progress 72 weeks

From: Simon Steinbeiß
Link: fix_arrows_in_gtk3.patch

fix tiny arrows

Bug #1165104: oneconf is only showing the pc you are on in raring and isn't sharing to other machines High Triaged 72 weeks

From: Bruno Nova
Link: list_packages_workaround.patch


Bug #1229486: xscreensaver-command is slow at locking Low Confirmed 75 weeks
Bug #956855: GtkFileChooserButton dialog stretched, when user has a really long name saved to bookmark Undecided New 84 weeks

From: Ritesh Khadgaray
Link: precise.debdiff

proposed patch for precise

Bug #636448: Authentication doesn't explicitly ask for the user's password Low Triaged 121 weeks

From: Reuben Swartz
Link: fix.patch

the patch

Bug #1001646: kdenlive0.9-1 is missing xine for DVD preview Undecided New 149 weeks

From: Paolo Rotolo
Link: fix-for-1001646.diff


Bug #990635: Sans serif cyrillic font in kubuntu 12.04 is bad Medium Confirmed 150 weeks

From: Kirill Bogdanenko
Link: workaround.patch

This patch fixes bad cyrillic 'sans-serif' and 'serif' BUT is not tested with korean localization

Bug #935387: Search field is not automatically focused Wishlist Triaged 162 weeks

From: Dmitri Bachtin
Link: lp935387_automatically_grab_focus_on_tab_switch.patch


Bug #638503: Gedit word select doesn't include space Wishlist Triaged 163 weeks

From: Alexandru Guduleasa
Link: gedit_select.patch

drag & drop word patch

Bug #858631: Spelling Error in Control File Description Low Confirmed 183 weeks

From: Paul Stewart
Link: control

Control File Patch

Bug #857780: Grammar and Formatting Error in Control File Low Confirmed 183 weeks

From: Paul Stewart
Link: control

Control File Patch

Bug #840709: Formatting and Spelling Errors in Control file Low Triaged 186 weeks

From: Paul Stewart
Link: control

Control File Patch

Bug #834369: Spelling and Grammar Errors in Control file Low Confirmed 187 weeks

From: Paul Stewart
Link: control

Control file patch

Bug #388904: Nautilus 'Computer' displays redundant labels Low Triaged 187 weeks
Bug #602832: system-config-printer-gnome description in software center geeky and incomplete Low Confirmed 217 weeks

From: Jacky Alciné
Link: control.patch


Bug #648424: Export doesn't deal with different files with same filename Undecided New 233 weeks

From: Rodrigo Virote Kassick
Link: shotwell-export.patch


Bug #630879: quickaccess widget in panel does not respect panel icon size Low Fix Committed 237 weeks

From: Janet
Link: quickaccess.h.diff


Bug #572110: scary message on live cd installing Low Triaged 239 weeks

From: Michael Gilbert
Link: ubiquity.patch


Bug #507964: Application Switcher keybinds conflicts with gnome default Low Triaged 271 weeks

From: arky
Link: application-switcher.patch

patch for

Bug #459730: rsyslog doesn't create /dev/xconsole High Triaged 283 weeks

From: Michael Terry
Link: xconsole.debdiff


Bug #15495: "Archive Manager" doesn't mean anything if you don't know what an "archive" is Wishlist Triaged 300 weeks

From: Sebastien Bacher
Link: file-roller.patch

update with the suggested changes

Bug #76449: Cannot sort static playlists Low Confirmed 325 weeks

From: Sergey Rudchenko
Link: lp76449.debdiff


Bug #215090: Xfce about dialog does not display xubuntu/ubuntu version Wishlist Triaged 363 weeks
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