Comment 12 for bug 504405

Just some additional comments:

 - MS Excel does not support Ctrl+Tab to change tabs, but to change between documents. Because they are in separate windows, it does the same as Alt+Tab under Windows. To change between tabs, you need to press Ctrl+PgUp / Ctrl+ PgDown (it took me a long time to find it out :-).

- Ctrl+Tab is usually different to Ctrl+PgUp/Down. While the latter navigates in the order the documents had been opened, Ctrl+Tab considers the order in which they have been shown. Not complicated, but hard to explain, so here is an example:

user opens Document A, B, C, D
navigates to D, then B
 - Ctrl+PgDown will lead him from B to C, because it is the next document in the list
 - Ctrl+Tab will lead him back to D, because it was shown at last.

This is an important difference for the user experience. I always use Ctrl+Tab to "navigate back" where I have been before. Sometimes I remember until the last 3 documents (Ctrl+Tab/Tab/Tab). When the application is showing the list of documents while holding Ctrl down, it is even easier to move back in the history. IMHO, this feature is essential for some applications in which you usually have many open documents, eg a text editor or any IDE. It's negligible in applications where you have only a few tabs or static tabs (eg. tab based dialog).

Application supporting navigation in history on Ctrl+Tab (sorry, windows only, I'm currently on a Windows box, I will probably make a list on my Ubuntu Box when I find the time):
 - Visual Studio
 - Notepad++

Application which navigate in order in which documents were opened
 - Firefox (disappointingly)
 - Total Commander
 - MonoDevelop (2.4 on Windows)