Comment 6 for bug 389909

> The other question is what are Windows XP and KDE network browsing doing differently than
> Gnome? Windows XP and KDE are not affected by this issue at all. Until I figured out the order
> change, I used smb4k without any problems
When you access \\NAME on a non-AD, non-WINS-enabled Windows, it's NetBIOS resolution that is used:
Name resolution order in this case is broadcast, followed by DNS.
KDE/smb4k also use broadcast and bypass settings from "name resolve order".

> Your comment that changing the order slows down SMB host resolution confuses me a bit
If the host you're trying to reach doesn't live on the local subnet and you need DNS to get the right address, you'll have to wait for the broadcast to timeout before attempting the DNS query. So if you take a company with separate LANs and AD deployed, changing the default order will delay all share requests (and make useless noise on the LAN).

I am not sure the suggestion to detect broken DNS at package install time would solve this... since we had our share of samba "regression" bugs filed by people when their ISP suddenly changed its revenue model.