Comment 3 for bug 389909

Is there any way to detect that DNS redirection is taking place other than the long delay in getting the gui to display? Or, you could just use a time-out that after a certain amount of time or a failure to detect the network correctly a suggestion pops up that DNS redirection is/may be taking place and offers to make the change to smb.conf. This way, you can leave the default as it is, but can make the change "on the fly" for those who are affected by it.

Your comment that changing the order slows down SMB host resolution confuses me a bit, because, once I make the change to smb.conf, the network browse gui pops up in under 1-2 seconds and browsing the network seems no more than about 1 second per click. It feels about the same as browsing the local network in Windows XP SP2 on the same network.

Admittedly, my networks are very small, so perhaps on a network with dozens or hundreds of machines, the resolve order makes a difference, but in my case with only 6 machines or so, it seems to have no negative affects at all.

The other question is what are Windows XP and KDE network browsing doing differently than Gnome? Windows XP and KDE are not affected by this issue at all. Until I figured out the order change, I used smb4k without any problems.