Comment 7 for bug 386150

> Personally, I don't agree with the "lets bypass the gnome default for a
> toolbar" idea. I don't find it very comfortable, and leave the icons +
> labels in for a reason.

I was referring to the fact that the mockup bypasses the gnome default of
big icons + text and instead uses small icon, no text.

New users have trouble navigating a browser too - it shouldn't be held as
> the perfection of usability in navigation. Adjustments are still being done
> to it in the current day even (ie, the bigger 'back' button in firefox 3.0)

Was referring to, as it's implied here, the web browser standard:

+ 1. Back, forward, up, stop, reload, home, zoom, a location bar --
+ these are the same controls available in my web browser that I know and
+ love. Why do they look so different here? They take up so much more
+ space, and they occupy two toolbars where my web browser needs only one.

Nothing personal, just my comments on the proposed design.

Personally I feel that the issues identifies might not be applicable to all
users and a proper usability study should be conducted beforehand. Remember
that even the best interface designer is biased ;)