Comment 37 for bug 386150

I think it's a great idea to have the file browser look like and work just like the standard internet browser. Simplifying and cleaning up the interface is a great idea. But, I do think you can make exceptions. The wording below the icons doesn't distract much and helps the absolute novice. You could include the option to make the words disappear for more experienced users.

But, there is one aspect of the file-browser that differs from the internet-browser, which I find quite disturbing. The search field is not positioned next to the location field and it doesn't have it's own dedicated search-area. Instead, the search field replaces the location area or uses the location area as it's search area, when you press it. I find that quite confusing.

I would suggest implementing the search field just like in the firefox browser and deleting the "icon view" tab from the ui, since this is something you don't really change that often, at least I don't. The icon view could simply be another point in the folder "view".

Thanks for your great work and I hope you achieve your goal in beating OS-X in terms of usability;-) You can make it!