Comment 30 for bug 386150

Hi guys,

I think that there should be option to create your own toolbar in Nautilus. Whatever we will put together will never 100% satisfy all users (especially power users) and at the end linux is also about choice.
Evince and Eye of Gnome have this option (if you go to Edit -> Toolbar) and I love it, you can add and remove icons as you prefer.

1. In my mockup, I have removed dropdown menu arrow from Back icon and left only one next to Forward (there is no need to have two).

2. I have removed Up, Stop and Reload buttons, which are not so much used. You can substitute Up with Back and Forward and also you have bellow it breadcrumbs which allow you using one click to get up.

3. I have also removed Home icon which user has in sidebar (together with other places) and I have moved Computer icon into sidebar. In my mockup I have replaced File system entry with Computer, because I do not believe that it makes sense to have both of them next to each other. Plus File system is available from within Computer.

4. I have removed search icon but added search box which will make search more usable and it is well known from web and browsers. Nautilus search is very good so I think we should make it easier to use (especially for search-dominant users).

5. I think that by default nautilus should always show at least one tab. Right now lot of users might not realise that tabs in nautilus exist and that they can use them. I have also added little button next to last tab which will allow user to add new tab.

6. I'm not so sure where to put zoom icons, but I think this is good feature and it adds to usability and accessibility, so it should be visible. In mockup 1 I have added them into tab toolbar and in mockup 2 I have moved them down to status bar.
Alternative would be to have one more thiner toolbar under main toolbar with zoom icons and I would also add there three icons to change view mode (icons, list, compact) because there is no point in having toolbar with two icons.

Please feel free to comment on mockups.