Comment 18 for bug 386150

> 2. What does the Stop button do?

The stop button makes it possible to stop loading network/remote folders and folders with a lot of items: quite handy when you have to browse a lot on the local network.

> I like the mockups. To simplify things further, why not leave out the back and forward button as well?

The back button is pretty handy if you go from a random folder to one in your bookmarks and then want to move back again to that last folder.

Zoom and Change View
I don't use the zoom icons actually, so I can't say anything about that, but the change view option right next to it is a really nice thing (a lot of people nót used to ubuntu liked it when they had to work on our kitchen pc).

What can be improved though is the breadcrumb itself: when directory names are long every breadcrumb disappears but the current directory and the arrows. If there could be a cutoff / max lenght of the shown name, that would prevent 'loosing' all the breadcrumbs.

Toolbar Button Labels
About the text underneath the icons: I always disable it, but at my parents pc I did not disable it because they need some more feedback. I can understand that in a (file) browser you don't want it, as well as in a music player (Rhythmbox). In Rhythmbox is an option (Toolbar Button Labels) to follow the Gnome style, or to manually set it. This would be nice to have in Nautilus.
Default can than be off, while preserving the overall style of showing text below icons.