Comment 122 for bug 386150

* About the Search button/field :

Danielsan474 said (comment 114) :
"instead for Search (icon + "Search" label) we could have an input text field. We don't need to click on a search-icon, open a windows or whatever and digit some text; we could write directly on that field. If Joe wants more, could open an extended search window if needed..."
It would be a giood idea to save consistency through GNOME applications.
GTKFileChooser already has a good UI for Search : an entry in the sidepane that replace the location field with a saerch field. We should do the same.

mac_v (comment 121) : Moving the the Search button away from the other doesn't seem a good idea to me in terms of usability

* About the location button :
Marcus Carlson : the location perfectly works, i don't think it should be removed