Comment 14 for bug 1512111

Iain Lane (laney) wrote :

I think you can define a font family like in the attached file - which I've eliminated the Google fonts from, so we're only using the files shipped in Ubuntu. This file renders "as expected" in epiphany (webkit) and Firefox, but not in Chromium (as is the case for the previous example given).

It *feels* from those results like a problem in Chrome/Chromium, but maybe not - if Olivier has some time, perhaps he could have a look ... ? I'm not a HTML/CSS expert so I could just be understanding it wrong and I'm getting some undefined behaviour cross-browser. If you use Firefox's inspector you can see that it finds Ubuntu / Ubuntu Light / Ubuntu Bold properly. Unfortunately it looks like Chromium's only shows the family so you can't see in great detail what it's doing.