Comment 12 for bug 1512111

Daniel van Vugt (vanvugt) wrote :

Partially confirmed on bionic, but maybe not.

LibreOffice writer: Bug exists and "Light" is heavier if you type in "Ubuntu Light". However if you use "Ubuntu" and right-click on text to choose Character... > Style=Light, then it is correctly lighter. No bug.

gnome-font-viewer: No bug (light is indeed lighter).

Looking at the HTML in comment #9, I'm thinking maybe that test case is wrong. In theory you would probably want to change:

           font-family: 'Wrong';
- font-style: normal;
+ font-style: light;
           font-weight: 300;
- src: local('Ubuntu Light');
+ src: local('Ubuntu');

However in practice CSS doesn't appear to have an option "font-style: light". So it would appear to me trying to use Light in a web page or CSS is the mistake. It works fine in native apps where you can select Style = Light.