Comment 1 for bug 827196

Hello! I Solved this problem. The problem is that lsusb sees the printer but hplip can not connect with him. Apparently this is due to the fact that the printer is smart. Smart-connect. This technology from HP for automatic install drivers on Windows-clients. The printer has two modes of operation oO: Smart-connect Enable, Smart-connect disable. If Smart-connect enable printer automatic install in Windows, but in Linux her emulate device as CD-ROM, but not the printer. This is totally incomprehensible situation. To hplip could see the printer to disable Smart-connect. This can be done with a tool SIUtility.exe from installation CD. After hplip can see printer and work/print. But... Smart-connect mode can be activated if the pull cable from the printer while it works OR connect printer to Windows system, In this case, Smart-connect also activates. And you have to use the SIUtility.exe again to turn it off . It ugly. =)

For good Work:
1) Disable Smart-connect, use SIUtility.exe on Windows-system.
2) Not disconnect USB-cable while printer work (indicator ON fire).
3) Not connect printer to Windows, it activate Smart-connect again.
4) Set 777 permissions to usb device (printer), use udev rules for idVendor and Model.
5) Set default policy to "Drop job" or @Reject Job", differently after activation Smart-connect printer goes into pause (hplip backend failed), and will need to allow printing from the Web interface.

Lucky Print!