Comment 3 for bug 672134

Manjul Apratim (manzdagratiano) wrote :


I had this problem with an HP Laserjet P1606dn - I searched for a solution for months to no avail, but this looked promising... The printer is indeed registered as a CDROM upon plugging in, and all methods to make hplip communicate with it had been to no avail.

I tried to use SIUtility.exe, to no avail, since it woud not recognize the printer and there seemed to be no option to browse for it. I tried the usb_modeswitch, and though it initially segfaulted on me, I discovered that the switches `-m 2 -r 2` are optional, and that messages and response end points are determined by the device itself (sure enough, they were different). I assumed that aside from the vendor/product ids, the HEX strings should be the same, since this SmartInstall utility is universal for the newer HP printers.

I am now happily printing on the machine!