Comment 4 for bug 1785230

Hans-Peter Jansen (frispete) wrote :

> Yes currently is not open source. Hope you are not seeing any functionality issue when you print.

Sorry, but I reverted to hplip-3.18.6 and submitted that.

If you plan to keep the state of this blob disclosed, please correct the wording from

    Note: HPLIP is free, open source software distributed under the MIT, BSD, and GPL licenses.

This is no longer true, and forces us to nail the version to 3.18.6 for the time being.

> You need to install with the command "rpm -ivh xxx.rpm --nodeps" to not see any dependency issues.

Since we're using zyp as a rpm frontend, providing --nodeps isn't an option. Sure, I can do this manually, but this definitely is a no go distribution-wise.

Srinivas, please don't get me wrong, this isn't meant to offend you. You surely have your reasons for this move, but it changes the rules and forces most distributions to handle this package in a non free way for legal reasons. Since "non-free" complicates the package management significantly, every responsible packager have to weight this cost against keeping the last free version 3.18.6.