Comment 4 for bug 1542211

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: master

commit 5a9413c28b37f9a15ed3730ebc64f131a830ee69
Author: Timur Sufiev <email address hidden>
Date: Thu Feb 4 13:02:04 2016 +0300

    Zoom out pages in i9n tests

    Since Selenium 2.50.1 release it's no longer possible to click
    elements which are outside of visible viewport. To keep both tests
    working and error screenshots still visible, standard xvfb screensize
    is set to 1920x1080 and page scale is set to 67%.

    Also temporarily disable create_instance test since it fails on some
    nodes due to missing network.

    Related-Bug: #1542211
    Closes-Bug: #1541876
    Change-Id: Ie96606cf52860dd8bb3286971962a16cb3415daf