Comment 16 for bug 1202965

Stephen Gordon (sgordon) wrote :

My understanding is what is being suggested is that if field(s) to return the total available VCPU/RAM counts factoring in overcommit are desired (or to return the ratios themselves somewhere), then they should be added as net new to the API. The existing fields to return the totals were not designed to factor in the overcommit and never have been, one assumes because this is a scheduler side setting so neither the hypervisor nor the api service actually knew what the overcommit was and thus had no ability to factor it in even if they wanted to (recent changes to help with issues in claim processing may help here).

The main source of confusion is the naming of the field as vcpus when really it is just physical cpus (for which the correct value is in fact being returned). The RAM values seem to confuse people less even though it behaves exactly the same way because the naming isn't as misleading.