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Nguyen Dinh Hai (nguyendinhhai11) wrote :

Hi Isaku Yamahata and Tacker Team,

I have been interested in Tacker project recently and I am a new member in openstack as well.
I have some first practices and investigations about Tacker but when i try to create vnf by CLI, getting stuck with error related to "unknown port_security_enabled". I have researched through Tacker bugs and found this bug which could be relative.
If this bug is reason, seemly the fix will not be present in Kilo release. Btw, For now, Would be higly appreciated if someone could help to overcome this issue? Please don't hesitate asking me if you need more logs or info or correct me if I am wrong at any point.
My local.conf file for installation via devstack is also attached.
Thanks you so much.

tacker03@tacker03-VirtualBox:/opt/stack/tacker/devstack/samples$ tacker vnfd-create --name haidemo1 --vnfd-file openwrt.yaml
Created a new vnfd:
| Field | Value |
| description | Virtual WRT opensource router |
| id | 9b80fad9-2b43-494e-ac0f-3c8899be594a |
| infra_driver | heat |
| mgmt_driver | openwrt |
| name | haidemo1 |
| service_types | {"service_type": "vnfd", "id": "5ed601ce-dfa7-40a0-887c-e45f3c8a6699"} |
| | {"service_type": "router", "id": "70fa02b0-335b-46f6-b75c-a5cda2b19bfb"} |
| | {"service_type": "firewall", "id": "b96a969b-5566-44a9-8d4a-0e6978cf3995"} |
| tenant_id | 656827eb91bd49ffacc546afcc08fadf |
tacker03@tacker03-VirtualBox:/opt/stack/tacker/devstack/samples$ tacker vnf-create --name openwrthai --vnfd-id 9b80fad9-2b43-494e-ac0f-3c8899be594a
ERROR: Property error: : : Unknown Property port_security_enabled