Comment 3 for bug 1213122

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: master

commit 838bdfc1589433e33d4862869765a010c7a857fd
Author: Stan Lagun <email address hidden>
Date: Thu Oct 31 12:46:12 2013 +0400

    Adds ability to configure various clients used by the Heat

    This commit adds config sections [clients_nova], [clients_swift],
    [clients_neutron], [clients_cinder], [clients_ceilometer] and
    [clients_keystone]. These sections contain additional configuration
    options for corresponding OpenStack clients.
    Currently those are only SSL-related setting ca_file, cert_file,
    key_file and insecure. Note, than not every client library is
    currently capable of utilizing all of the SSL settings.

    There is also a plain [clients] section that holds shared client
    options. Each option searched first at specific group (clients_xxx)
    and if it not found there then the value from [clients] group
    are taken (or default values if there is no such setting in this
    group). This allows defining shared configuration that would be
    used by most (or all) clients without repeating the same settings
    for each and every client separately

    Closes-Bug: #1213122
    Implements: blueprint clients-ssl-options

    Change-Id: Id9ccbffce0d5c266202fdb1cf24a9ffb63e507e6