Comment 60 for bug 337935

Martin von Gagern (gagern) wrote :

Unfortunately the bcm5974-dkms PPA module is delivered as full text source, not as a patch against some underlying kernel source. So when comparing that file to the one in the current kernel, and as I don't know the common ancestor, I don't know which modifications were introduced in the kernel since then, and which were deliberate for the dkms module. Looking at the kernel git history, I get the impression that both drivers include the same kind of features, although not in the same wording. Therefore the kernel driver seems recent enough to me.

I just found out that by simply adjusting some settings using synclient, I could get tapping to work. So it seems that the default config simply doesn't provide OS-X-like behaviour, and that furthermore the settings from my own fdi file weren't used for some reason. Investigating that now...