Comment 2 for bug 436266

On Thu, Sep 24, 2009 at 4:28 PM, Jorge O. Castro <email address hidden> wrote:
> Maybe an "outbox" in the tree view similar to mail clients. (Ugh, I just
> went there)

I don't think it's a bad idea, if it only shows up when non-empty.
Since I have the tree disabled, I would hope for an additional
indicator, just to be clear.

One idea: A small message that shows up at the top of whatever stream
(is that the right word?) you're viewing. It would look vaguely like
a message bubble, but would stand out a bit more, announce how many
pending messages you have, and maybe the last time it tried to post
them. It would include a link to the outbox stream (from which you
could edit or cancel the pending messages) and perhaps a link to the
error stream.

This would be easy to do thanks to the magic of webkit, and would
ensure that the user was aware of the issue (the top of the current
stream is the first place they look).

This might be an interesting way to deliver other messages "from
Gwibber", though nothing specific comes to mind.

Another feature (I should file a bug for this) that might help would
be the ability to collapse messages to small lines. For the "pending
messages" message, some users might want to collapse it after they
read it once, but having it remain there but smaller would still be a
good indicator that messages are pending. For other messages, it
might just be nice to collapse them if they are big or irritating in
some way.