Sound device failed to load in some cases

Bug #681203 reported by milawynsrealm on 2010-11-25
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Wesley Ellis

Bug Description

When attempting to load the program when Compiz is loaded, it crashes. It does fine when Compiz is not loaded. When running from the terminal, the following message occurs when the program crashes:

Could not initialize sound, reason: Could not open sound device
Segmentation fault

And from the log file, "kern.log", I also got this message:

Nov 24 19:22:49 ??????master kernel: [14471.869466] gweled[3443]: segfault at 0 ip 0089a097 sp bf9aa540 error 4 in[85c000+49000]

(NOTE: Question marks are replacing part of my user id for security reasons. It shouldn't affect the message though)

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Daniele Napolitano (dnax88) wrote :

Very strange, an audio segfault with a compositing manager active. Unfortunately I can't reproduce this bug. Try to debug yourself.

MikMod certainly is a very old library, but for my purposes and it is all just what I need to Gweled.


Daniele Napolitano (dnax88) wrote :

Can you confirm that this bug is fixed in the 0.9 release?

Unfortunately, this is not fully fixed.

If i launch gweled, i got this on command line

    ~/gweled-0.9$ gweled
    Could not initialize sound, reason: Could not open sound device

If I relaunch quickly gweled (after the first failure), then I got this warning message, and sound is working

    ~/gweled-0.9$ gweled
    Audio driver choosen: Enlightened sound daemon

If I launch via GnomeMenu/Click, it is very hard to relaunch "quickly enough" and then get sound.

summary: - sound device failed to load under Compiz mode
+ Sound device failed to load in some cases
Changed in gweled:
status: New → Confirmed
status: Confirmed → Triaged
importance: Undecided → Medium

I have upgraded to Ubuntu 11.04 Natty, and then obtained gweled 0.9.1 from repos.
This is now fixed (sound is working)

Sorry, I did not tested enough before posting comment #4
I actually have the same way of working as comment #3, that is, at the second launch, there *is* sound.

Brian Lipscomb (divergex-oss) wrote :

I get no crashing, but sound never works for me. The message in the Terminal is: "Audio driver chosen: No Sound". This is a one day old install of Ubuntu 11.04 with Compiz and Unity enabled. Sound appears to work fine in other programs - I have used Banshee, Nibbles and Elilia Pinball to test. Dell D620 with sigmatel audio.

Wesley Ellis (ellisgen) wrote :

I don't get a crash, but a do not have sound. Launching via terminal gives the "Audio driver chosen: No sound" message. It would appear to me that this is more a problem between mikmod and pulseaudio on Natty.

Ubuntu 11.04, Unity, Lenovo T520

Wesley Ellis (ellisgen) on 2011-08-12
Changed in gweled:
assignee: nobody → Wesley Ellis (ellisgen)
Wesley Ellis (ellisgen) on 2011-08-12
Changed in gweled:
status: Triaged → Fix Committed
Wesley Ellis (ellisgen) wrote :

There is a beta of a new version using a libcanberra instead of mikmod for sounds. If you could, try it out and let me know if this works for you.

With package from natty/universe, I have background sound, but no sound effect.
With package from ppa:ellisgen, at the starting of application, I have both background sound and sound effect. But some time after, while playing, the background sound stops. The sound effects are still audible.
I suspect that /usr/share/sounds/gweled/autonom.ogg is only played once.

Wesley Ellis (ellisgen) wrote :

Thanks for testing it. What you describe is correct for the way I wrote the change to libcanberra. I know that autonomy.ogg should loop forever until the end of the game or preferences are changed, but I haven't figured out how to do it yet with libcanberra. I'll keep working on it though.

Wesley Ellis (ellisgen) wrote :

This bug should now be fixed. There's a new build in my PPA.

Now the background music is repeated, but after 3 seconds of silence, and I find this disturbing. I am believing the game is ending. Actually this silence was not present in previous versions. I have checked (with tool audacity) that /usr/share/sounds/gweled/autonom.ogg has no silence at the beginning or the end of the music file. So I suspect that detection of the end of music, and repeat of music is taking 3 seconds.

Also, when launched from command line, gweled outputs traces like:
libcanberra playing sound click.ogg [file: /usr/share/sounds/gweled/click.ogg]; Success
libcanberra playing sound swap.ogg [file: /usr/share/sounds/gweled/swap.ogg]; Success

Wesley Ellis (ellisgen) wrote :

I haven't forgotten about you. Looping the sound continuously turned out to be a more difficult puzzle than I thought it would be. I have finally figured out a way to loop it continuously, but now I need to clean up the code and add a couple more checks to not play the sound if it is already playing or shouldn't be. It's finals week for me, so expect a new build closer to the weekend.

Also don't let me forget to learn how to only show those traces when running in DEBUG mode (do we have a debug mode?)...


Eric Boucher (bouchereric0000) wrote :

This bug look still being back to Ubuntu 11.10 :S

Audio driver choosen: No Sound

Thanks for your time.

stumpy (stumpy-666-davies) wrote :

Yay this version is great I'm glad I found it, it's saved me from the doom of no sound in Gweled, KUDOS to you, Thank You so much for bringing back my enjoyment, this version needs to be included in Ubuntu software sources for Kubuntu 12.04, what an awesome fix! took me a lot of searching to find this - Please publicize this relese :)

Andrew (keen101) wrote :

Running Gweled from a terminal produces this error:

"Audio driver choosen: No Sound"

This is on a default install of Ubuntu 12.04 in 2013, with all updates installed.

John Koopman (superkoop) wrote :

The changes made in the ppa linked to in comment #8 has fixed sound in Ubuntu 13.04 using libcanberra. This problem has been solved since 2011, why is there not yet a new release with this fix included?

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