Comment 1 for bug 644993

On Wed, Sep 22, 2010 at 08:24:12AM -0000, Izidor Matušov wrote:
> Public bug reported:
> I love using the tag color feature. It makes GTG nicer and more useful.
> However, I have problem with choosing colors for tags. In the end, I use
> almost same colors for each tag. I would like to have a following
> feature in GTG:
> 1, I do a right click on tag and choose command generate color
> 2, Generate a color for the tag:
> - take colors of the current tag set
> - find the biggest "gap" between colors
> - random choose a color from the gap
> 3, set the color

An alternative approach (maybe there's a bug on this already?) would be
to ship a pre-defined color palette and when the user goes to select a
color for the tag, present them with the next color from the subset of
unused colors from the palette.

A nice effect of this is that we can provide a set of colors that look
good (e.g. avoiding dark colors, or shades that will be

The palette should be loadable. This would permit users who don't like
our choice of colors to select another. E.g., one palette could provide
vibrant primary colors, another one focuses on more subtle pastels, etc.
This also would permit distros to provide a palette that fits with their
distro default color scheme if they desire.

The one problem I had with this idea was that a palette would have a
finite set of colors. However, using Izidor's idea might solve that -
once # tags > # colors-in-palette, generate new colors by selecting ones
in between.