Comment 7 for bug 615029

Luca, 2 remarks >

1. I believe that it doesn't make real sense to pass the treemodel and do all the work in Instead, I would have implemented a "select_node" in liblarch and use it in the browser. What do you think ?

2. A very common usecase (according to user's feedback) is to type many tasks in a row in the quickadd filter. Your commit breaks this usecase (and a shortcut key would not be enough for many I guess).

I would then suggest the following behaviour :

- The focus stay in the quickadd after the user hit enter. (the task is selected to give the user a visual feedback but the focus is still in the quickadd)
- If the user hit enter with an empty quickadd field, the currently selected task in the active treeview is opened. If no task is selected, nothing is done (current behaviour).
- When the user close the task (or move the focus to the main window), the focus is still in the quickadd field.

It would allow the following scenario :
- task1 <enter> task2 <enter> task3 <enter><enter> <alt+f4> task4<enter>

which will result in creating task1, task2, task3, opening task3, closing task3, creating task4. All without leaving the keyboard and without any strange shortcut (given that alt+f4 is quite common)