Comment 3 for bug 321408

IMHO, if a tag is deletable, then they should all be, whether or not
they have associated tasks. For whatever reason a user wants a tag to
be removed, we clearly cannot force a specific policy about the fact
that only "empty" tags can be removed.

If there are associated tasks, I would ask the use to confirm this (at
least if it is not undoable).

This will probably be hard, but I think it should be done that way.

If it's too hard for 0.1, then I suggest that we don't implement tag
removal in 0.1, but we hide empty tags by default, and provide an
option (in view menu for instance, or with modal buttons, whatever...)
to switch between empty filtering enabled or not. That's a sane
default (we already discussed this in another bug, but I can't seem to
find it back)


On Thu, Feb 19, 2009 at 4:39 PM, Lionel Dricot <email address hidden> wrote:
> Do you will allow this only for tags with 0 task ?
> If not, it means that the task has to be parsed in order to remove the
> tag. Not that easy...
> --
> Right-click on a tag to delete it
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> Bug description:
> It should be possible to delete a tag when via the context menu (wehn right clicking on a tag).
> I guess all task currently having this tag should be modified, then.

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