Comment 6 for bug 316922

No, I don't. This clearly not simple, we don't have any use case.
Besides, GTG allow for multiple parents. Moreover, the editor clearly
need to be globally rethought rather than being partly modified (I'm
thinking about the toolbar, the sidebar, and the text formatting).
Right now I'm not convinced that this functionality is a stopper for
GTG 0.1.

On Fri, Feb 27, 2009 at 2:52 PM, Lionel Dricot <email address hidden> wrote:
> Also, we might maybe delay this for a further release if the concept is
> not clear enough. (except if you have a clear idea of a solution)
> --
> Have a link to the parent(s) in the task editor
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> Status in Getting Things Gnome!: Confirmed
> Bug description:
> There should be a place in the TaskEditor that allows you to go to the parents of the actual task

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