Comment 3 for bug 1003872

Izidor MatuĊĦov (izidor) wrote :

Hi Alan,

Thanks for your patch! It is nice to see your contribution to GTG. Here are few tips to facilitate reviewing your patches:
  1. Each bug has a link "Link a related branch" in the right column. Please, enter the name of the branch into the dialog. It synchronizes the status of the branch and the bug.
  2. When you solved a bug, on the page of the branch is link "Propose for merging". Fill the form and GTG developers get a request for reviewing your code. There might be a discussion about your solution and few suggestions how to improve it. When it is approved, GTG developers merge it into the trunk (lp:gtg, the main branch for GTG)

Now, I will link your branch and review it and merge it directly. Please, follow those two steps in future to make our lives easier :)