Comment 8 for bug 358719

Ben Dadsetan (bdadsetan) wrote :

Hi Roger,

  Fair point. It is dangerous to assume anything. I have now tested on all 3 platforms (MacOS 10.5, Latest Ubuntu and Windows XP). Things are looking good. I just hope I have not made any assumptions while testing and I sure wish there was more automated testing in there. I am not familar enough with any of the related technologies to add automated tests at this stage.

  Concerning your alternative, it still would not resolve our problem. It would produce "nicer to look at" debug.ini and deploy.ini files, but the backslash problem would still be there. The windows platform os.path.join joins strings with backslashes that are then reinterpreted in python before calling the handler_accesslog.

  My perspective: We can use os.path.join, but this would require more code however it would result in less "ugly" output. Using os.path.join will not resolve this bug.
Do you wish to contribute such changes as a feature enhancement unrelated to this bug?

Note my tests included for each platform:
  - Easy_installing the SVN trunk + my patch version of a grokproject egg onto a freshly installed python (windows, ubuntu) or on a fresh virtualenv --no-site-packages (Mac OS)
  - Running the resulting grokproject
  - Running paster on the generated parts/etc/deploy.ini
  - Creating the delivered into the ZODB root
  - Viewing the newly installed app's URL