Comment 4 for bug 223247

Quoting Uli Fouquet <email address hidden>:
> Philipp von Weiterhausen wrote:
>> Shouldn't have backward-compatibility imports?
> Holy sh..., you're right. Apparently the backwards compatibility should
> work but does not. I was not aware of this and will investigate. Can you
> name a package where such a backwards compatibility works? Just for
> comparison and to learn.

There are numerous packages in Zope that provide BBB imports. It's
usually just a matter of importing the object that was moved. I've
just verified that actually *has* BBB imports
(it goes a bit further by using zope.deferredimport.deprecated). So,
as I've said in my earlier message (which you're not quoting), it
seems that isn't actually pulled in. THIS is
what should be investigated. Quoting my previous message:

Judging from the original error,

    ImportError: Couldn't import,
    No module named securitypolicy.zopepolicy,

it seems that isn't even available. The
reasons for this should first be investigated, I suspect something
else is at fault here.