Comment 304 for bug 11334

Tralalalala (tralalalala) wrote :

In LibreOffice Bugzilla #48783, TenLeftFingers (tenleftfingers) wrote on 2012-09-30:

"However on MacOS 10.8 (Mountain Lion) this issue is not reproducible.
The clipboard contents are preserved on exit."

Of course, because OS X is a proper operating system with a clipboard that always, because of the way it's implemented in the operating system itself. It has been said many times: A clipboard should be a feature of the operating system itself and applications shouldn't have to write code to make copy/paste work. Write an application for Windows, OS X or even iOS and copy/paste just works. There's no need for the developers to implement this feature to make copy/paste work.

That's why Linux is such a useless operating system.

In LibreOffice Bugzilla #48783, L-lunak-w (l-lunak-w) wrote on 2014-04-25:

"This is a consequence of the X11 clipboard design and not LibreOffice specific. As such, there's not much LibreOffice itself can do about this on its own."

You shouldn't even do something. Just don't fix it. It's absolutely ridiculous all applications have to be "fixed" by its developers. I surrounded "fixed" by quotation marks, because of course the applications are not broken at all. It's the operating system itself that's broken and they refuse to fix their crappy operating system and expect all developers to write code to make copy/paste work on their piece of shit called Linux. I'd say they can go fuck themselves. Just spend your time on Windows and OS X. Just don't give a single shit about Linux, just like 99,5% of the world doesn't give a shit about Linux. It's a useless piece of crap that doesn't even deserve developers who spend time writing software for it. Developers should just write software for Windows and OS X and ignore that fucking piece of shit.

I click on "Post Comment" and Launchpad says:

Timeout error, please try again in a few minutes."

How surprisingly, something developed by Linux developers doesn't work. Fucking losers.