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Reinhard Tartler (siretart) wrote : Re: Vlc does not inhibit screensaver

status update:

21:08:14 < chrisccoulson> siretart - that gnome-screensaver patch
   makes the assumption that the MIT-SCREEN-SAVER extension is
   always available, which might not always be the case

21:09:53 < siretart> chrisccoulson: oh, can you perhaps improve
   the patch to check for that extension?

21:15:07 < chrisccoulson> siretart - i'll have a look if i get
   the chance, but the patch doesn't really look right anyway.
   gnome-screensaver currently gets session idle-ness from
   gnome-session, which uses the SYNC extension and IDLETIME
   counter. applications which want to inhibit the screensaver
   should really be the gnome-session inhibit API now, although
   it would be nice to get gnome-screensaver to work correctly

21:16:54 < siretart> slangasek: based on chrisccoulson comments,
   please reject my gnome-screensaver upload :(

21:18:32 < slangasek> siretart: ok, rejected

IOW: the patch needs more work :-(