Comment 18 for bug 861443

MrCopilot (mrcopilot) wrote :

No sweat, I'll file the upstream bug, however let me quote the desription of this bug and your reply and you can weigh wether this bug is squashed.

>>I can't found a easy (not-cli, at least) way of changing the proxy settings in Ubuntu 11.10.

>>As you undoubtedly have noticed, the option is still available via command-line, as such:
>>gsettings set org.gnome.system.proxy ignore-hosts ['localhost', '', '']

Clearly, no_proxy or ignore_hosts is a proxy setting. Just try using curl in a corporate intranet environment of moderate size without it.

I would also expect to see seperate setting for https_proxy but that at least is an actual edgecase.

The minor inconvienience of finding out, "why is the intranet down" was easily remedied, "proxy settings changed".
Long time user, setting via commandline of via the tool d'jure for gconf was also easily discoverable and was minimally distracting overall.

What is more disturbing was the choice to blindly update the tools with a demonstrably inferior reiteration. That is a Ubuntu decision, and a Ubuntu bug. I recommend ubuntu to many of my coworkers, taking down access to 50% to 90% of their job this morning was a bug.

Network setup, configuration, and maintenance must be a high priority, if there is no maintainer for those packages that touch these areas and ship with the base Ubuntu install, then I am taken well aback. If there is such person(s) they let quite a few of us down today, and tarnished an otherwise shiny and spreading Ubuntu reputation within our organization.

So, I will leave the way I came in, disappointed...