Comment 22 for bug 82436

* Chauncellor <email address hidden> [2009-10-26 06:49:52 CET]:
> In Karmic, Software Store is installing all packages but the following:
> wesnoth-server
> wesnoth-tools
> wesnoth-dbg
> wesnoth-editor
> Is this intended behavior? the only one I'd care to have included
> still is the wesnoth-server package, but I'd be happy to mark this as
> fixed as it addresses the core problems such as campaigns and music.

 Yes, this is expected. The -tools package is for developers of
campaigns, the -dbg package is for debugging, and the -editor package is
just an empty transitional package, wesnoth has the editor included now.

 About the -server package, it is only needed if you really want to
become a server for multiplayer games yourself. People usually use the
official servers, and for lan games it's not needed neither, if I am not
mistaken--can be wrong on that.

 Though, like said, people usually use the official servers instead of
playing around with IP addresses and stuff, and given that all campaigns
are pulled in people also play campaigns for which they obviously don't
need the server neither. ;)