Comment 1 for bug 136503

Another idea would be to deal with one missing codec after another.

We could first prompt the user that "additional codecs are required to view the video of this file" and show the choices to fix that, then show (if necessary) that "addtional codecs are required to play the audio of this file" and (if necessary) "additional codecs are required to play files in the wmv container".

This would have two advantages:
- it would use the existing UI;
- it would allow us to add additional required codecs if there are things that we haven't thought of (say it is streaming over a network and needs something extra or something).

Even this method would prevent the current confusion and make it clear why multiple files need to be installed.

The problem that I set out above would be even more of an annoyance if there were a list of 10 possible codecs for each audio and video. One wouldn't want to install them all, but one couldn't figure out which two to install to make sure that both audio and video would play.