Comment 57 for bug 1025011

Radko Dinev (radko-dinev) wrote :

@Colin Law: Disabling Firebug fixes all problems but I need Firebug so I chose to disable the "Global Menu Bar integration" add-on.

Some updates a couple of weeks ago introduced the problem of Firefox crashing (probably a Firebug 1.10.x update or a Firefox 14.0.1 update?) - this happened after pressing the Alt key to show the HUD _and_ only after typing a single character in it, as far as I remember.

I twice had updates during the last week but have only suspended and haven't restarted until today when FF crashed. I restarted and few seconds later it crashed again. I thought some of the loaded sites caused the crash so I ignored the saved session but even with an empty session it kept on crashing. Then running FF with the --safe-mode option I disabled all my add-ons and enabling one by one I found that the Global Menu Bar integration one failed. I think an up-to-date Ubuntu with Firefox 14.0.1, Firebug 1.10.2 and the Global Menu Bar integration add-on are enough to reproduce.

So the problem just got worse soon - Firefox keeps on crashing after each restart and cannot be used at all.
As far as disabling the extension is concerned - it's not just a matter of using or not using the HUD, this also ruins FF's menu from going over the top panel and shows the menu in FF's window itself.

I really hope this gets fixed soon for which I'll be deeply grateful!