Comment 1 for bug 735721

Eduardo Ramos (eduramiba) wrote :

This speed problem when creating the menu was a problem I already noticed last summer creating the data laboratory.

When the dialog is created each action has to check if it must be enabled, and I thought some actions like group took most of this time (checking all nodes have the same parent).

But now trying to fix this problem I noticed that a lot of actions still checked that every node is really contained in the graph (this was necessary before because data laboratory did not auto-refresh), and this is what was making the dialog creating process awfully slow.

So the fix is quite easy, and testing it with my laptop (I open Power Ggrid.gml, select all nodes and duplicate them 4 times, making 24705 nodes. Then I select them all in data lab / graph view):

With fix: almost instant
Without fix: I have not seen it finish ^^