Comment 7 for bug 654030

Axel Bruns (a-bruns) wrote :


just following up on this again: I've experimented some more, and I'm now at a point where I'm not sure whether I'm doing something wrong, or whether there's still an error in Gephi somewhere.

I've created a simple test network in Gephi: two nodes (labelled 'c' and 'g'), which are visible between times 0 and 30, which are linked with an edge between times 1 and 10, and again between 20 and Infinity.

If I export the nodes and edges tables as CSVs from Gephi's Data Laboratory, this is what I get:


Id,Label,Time Interval
c,,"<[0.0, 30.0]>"
g,,"<[0.0, 30.0]>"


Source,Target,Type,Id,Label,Weight,Time Interval
c,g,Directed,1,,1.0,"<[1.0, 10.0); [20.0, Infinity]>"

Importing these two CSVs back into the Gephi Data Laboratory (in a clean Workspace) works fine, but even if I make sure that the field type for 'Time Interval' is set to TimeInterval, I'm still not able to do any dynamic visualisation - the dynamic filter function simply doesn't work.

Even only importing the nodes CSV file by itself (without the edges CSV) doesn't work - the lower and upper limits of the timeline slider are (correctly) set to 0 and 30, but on the 'filters' tab, no filter is available in the 'dynamic' subsection, and clicking on the 'Filter' button does nothing...

Is there something I'm doing wrong here ?