Comment 17 for bug 654030

Axel Bruns (a-bruns) wrote :

Hi Eduardo,

Thanks for this. I've now bitten the bullet and scripted something that creates a working GEXF file from my data - the method is explained at

As far as I can tell, it _is_ possible for edge weights to be dynamic, though - in GEXF, for example, this would be expressed in the following fashion:

<edge source="user1" target="user2" start="0" end="5400" weight="0">
  <attvalue for="weight" value="1" start="0" end="1800"/>
  <attvalue for="weight" value="2" start="1800" end="3600"/>
  <attvalue for="weight" value="1" start="3600" end="5400"/>
  <slice start="0" end="1800" />
  <slice start="1800" end="3600" />
  <slice start="3600" end="5400" />

This works in the GEXF files I've created now...