Comment 15 for bug 654030

Axel Bruns (a-bruns) wrote :


sorry to follow up on this again. There's one last thing missing that would be extremely helpful for me.

Edge _weights_ in Gephi can be time-dependent as well - you can see this if you have a network with time intervals and export an edge list as CSV from the Data Laboratory, for example. The format for time-dependent weights looks like this:

<[100.0, Infinity, 1.0]>

Or presumably, if there are different weights at different times,

<[100.0, 200.0, 1.0); [200.0, 300.0, 2.0]> etc.

Currently, Gephi doesn't accept time-dependent weights when importing edge list CSVs into the Data Laboratory, though. Here's a simple edge list which I've exported from the Data Laboratory:

Source,Target,Type,Id,Label,Weight,Time Interval
a,b,Directed,2,,"<[100.0, Infinity, 1.0]>","<[100.0, 200.0); [400.0, Infinity]>"
b,c,Directed,3,,"<[200.0, Infinity, 1.0]>","<[200.0, 400.0)>"

When re-importing this into Gephi, the weights are simply set to 1. Is there any chance of fixing this? Hopefully it would be just a matter of being able to choose the data type for the weight field when importing CSVs?