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I switch to Windows long ago

On Thu, Jul 22, 2010 at 8:32 AM, Lee Jarratt <email address hidden> wrote:

> This is also affecting me with my multimedia keys, had the same problem
> since 7.10 and it's still affecting me with Maverick Meerkat.
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> Toshiba Satellite U300 volume wheel sticking
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> Status in xserver-xorg-input-evdev: Invalid
> Status in The Linux Kernel: Confirmed
> Status in “linux” package in Ubuntu: In Progress
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> Status in Gentoo Linux: New
> Bug description:
> I'm running up-to-date intrepid. I have a volume control wheel on the side
> of my Toshiba U300 laptop. This volume control did work as expected in
> hardy. It operates like a scroll wheel on a mouse, in the way that it has
> specific points at which it sends a signal. When I got to these points on
> hardy, the volume would just increase or decrease by one block.
> With intrepid it gets the volume to go up one block, then waits for a
> second and then keep turning the volume up constantly without stopping. I've
> found if I hold a key on the keyboard down, for example Ctrl, it stops it
> temporarily. When I release Ctrl it start zooming off increasing or
> decreasing again. I have found if I swap desktops by holding down Ctrl Alt
> Left or Right, it stops it zooming off increasing or decreasing completely.
> I'm sorry if the above was a bit confusing. It's surprisingly hard to
> explain :)
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