Comment 80 for bug 271706

For anyone who's not clear how to test: compile a kernel using the instructions at <>, with my patch applied. You'll have to work around bug 498747, for instance by doing "git checkout v2.6.32" to use an older kernel so it compiles cleanly, or by applying the patch given there when (if) the compile process fails for 2.6.33. Compiling the kernel using those instructions took about two hours on my U305 (100 minutes to actually compile and then 20-30 minutes to make the .deb), so make sure you have something else to do. Say here whether or not it helps, and post the output of "sudo dmidecode | grep -e Product -e Vendor".

Also, whether or not you want to test, if anyone is affected by this but "sudo dmidecode | grep Product" does *not* output exactly either "Satellite U305" or "Satellite Pro U300", please say so so that your model can be included in the fix, since it won't be at present.

Finally, thanks to everyone who posted critical info here, particularly jetdog, ktemkin, and the people who posted their DMI info -- I'm a PHP programmer and barely touch C code, so I was basically just copy-pasting to write the patch, and wouldn't have had a clue how to proceed without the exquisitely thorough explanations and pointers given earlier in the thread.