Comment 68 for bug 271706

ktemkin (kyle-ktemkin) wrote :

I might be able to find time to write a kernel quirk over the holidays; currently I'm up to my eyebrows in work.

Similar quirks exist for other machines already, see this link for a sample:

If everyone subscribed and still experiencing this problem could post their DMI_SYS_VENDOR and DMI_PRODUCT_NAME, it'd be helpful.

The patch I offered above for evdev is designed to mask your symptoms; which is useful during the wait- but a better option still would be to, in conjunction, remap the volume up/down keys to another keyboard combo and avoid touching the wheel. Avoiding those keys altogether will minimize the spurious CPU usage until a quirk is done.

Again, my 'fix' is pretty much a crude hack for evdev that filters out the additional events at the X-input level. It will not fix the underlying problem- the kernel.

Good luck, and if anyone wants to try their hand at quirking the kernel, I'm sure you'd have plenty of ready testers. If not, hopefully I'll get to it before too long.