Comment 43 for bug 271706

Actually, I've found the former works better with the U300 series (as mentioned in the bug itself; the U300 toshibas have an odd volume wheel which loses sensitivity with the latter fix), while the latter is a more general-case solution.

As per the source of the problem, I've spoken with some people familiar with the history of evdev/kbd, and the consensus is that we're trying to fix a hardware problem with software. While that's generally not the best approach, we're left little choice.

After a lot of thought, the consensus on the kbd project was to use a hack similar to mine. It is very much a hack- but I don't know what else we can do.

If anyone has any better suggestions, I'd be glad to listen. I expect I'll get more work done on this tomorrow; I plan on borrowing another laptop (I have a U305) that exhibits this problem so I can do some more keyevent testing.