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Bug #1569742: patch correcting syntax errors detected by lintian Undecided New 157 weeks

From: Alex
Link: syntax_corrections.patch

fix typos deleteced by lintian

Bug #1339730: Admin function to cancel unique job ids Undecided New 225 weeks

From: chjgcn
Link: gearmand-1.1.12-2.patch


Bug #1390672: gearman can't user redis as persistence queue Undecided New 225 weeks

From: chjgcn
Link: gearmand-1.1.12-redis.patch


Bug #1348865: gearman with http, bad request line , gearmand die Undecided New 243 weeks

From: chjgcn
Link: gearmand-1.1.12.patch


Bug #1319506: MySQL persistent queue mishandles re-connection Undecided New 243 weeks

From: chjgcn
Link: gearmand-1.1.12-mysql.patch


Bug #1352411: GEARMAN_COMMAND_SUBMIT_JOB_EPOCH not work Undecided New 244 weeks

From: chjgcn
Link: gearmand-1.1.12.patch


Bug #1318151: make gearmand1.1.12 fail on mac os x with error Undecided New 249 weeks
Bug #1319250: struct sockaddr overrun with ipv6 addresses Undecided New 257 weeks

From: Andy B
Link: gearmand-struct_sockaddr_storage-ipv6.patch


Bug #1280664: [fix] gearmand not stopped with default init script Undecided New 270 weeks

From: Pavel Piatruk
Link: gearman-job-server.patch


Bug #1196552: cancel job doesnt remove from persistent queue Medium Fix Committed 302 weeks

From: Elbandi
Link: remove_persistent_canceled_job.patch


Bug #1179316: Add job handle to output of gearadmin --show-unique Wishlist In Progress 310 weeks

From: Goran Miskovic
Link: listjobunique.path

Added corresponding handle

Bug #1094364: stack smash flags Undecided Triaged 329 weeks

From: Keyur
Link: gearmand_libtest.patch


Bug #1094089: Setting job retries to unlimited(--job-retries=0) stops after 256 attempts Low Fix Committed 329 weeks

From: zlisinski
Link: job_retries.patch


Bug #1080737: gmake test with 2 failed on FreeBSD 8.1 x64 Medium In Progress 334 weeks

From: Ilya Sabelnikov
Link: gearmand-1.1.3_freebsd_8.1.diff

Result of running "diff -r gearmand_bsd gearmand_original"

Bug #944277: Falling to compile Gearman 0.28 on Ubuntu with libdrizzle Medium In Progress 360 weeks

From: Elbandi
Link: check-for-drizzle_column_skip_all.patch


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