Comment 1 for bug 1730343

Mario Limonciello (superm1) wrote :

Adjusting various tasks for the relevant components. I'm pretty sure this is a regression that is only getting exercised in certain situations of boot entries.

Most notably there was a change was that fwupdate was effectively updated to the "9" release in 0.5-2ubuntu5. This version adds the "Linux Firmware Updater" entry to the boot entry list at the end. If there isn't an "ubuntu" entry earlier on, it's possible that entry is sticking around. The BIOS will only try to build automatic entries if the list was empty, which it's not now.

There are two fixes in upstream for this that may help, but that's predicated on my hypothesis being correct.

My hypothesis can be confirmed by seeing efibootmgr -v output before a failed update. If currently in a failed state, booting a USB key in UEFI mode (without creating a boot entry in BIOS setup) should be able to indicate this too.