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Fuel Devops McRobotson (fuel-devops-robot) wrote : Fix merged to openstack/cinder (openstack-ci/fuel-7.0/2015.1.0)

Submitter: Denis V. Meltsaykin <email address hidden>
Branch: openstack-ci/fuel-7.0/2015.1.0

Commit: 38241cb31f8b87950424abb11974ef6434c7beba
Author: Eric Harney <email address hidden>
Date: Mon Sep 24 13:14:08 2018

LIO: Fix terminate_connection AttributeError

"provider_location" is not guaranteed to contain
a value here.

Closes-Bug: #1793205

Change-Id: I964917d13d9415223845ac17eb804ee7faceaf6f
(cherry picked from commit 3e37cb6f8cf489480e264b434290064a61c4a782)