Comment 12 for bug 1625611

Submitter: Pkgs Jenkins <email address hidden>
Branch: 9.0

Commit: db8a09ed4f9ee25c64b1a399526a7b80d26081ae
Author: Denis V. Meltsaykin <email address hidden>
Date: Thu Oct 20 14:57:19 2016

Fix repository pins

Before 9.1 was released the mos9.0-updates repository was unusable
and contained wrong data. Since prioirities for the repositories
calculated during deployment all environments deployed before 9.1
releasing have the error in their repository pins and the unusable
update repository. This is fixed with sed during a preparation
procedure. Also restarting of mcollective is added, since the nature of
ruby classes it might not refresh its agents.

Change-Id: I10ce8e2e9ef3221a41fbdcfcdb066dd2b8ef92c0
Closes-Bug: #1625611